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Twin Lakes Educational Cooperative

Policies, Practices, and Procedures. The schools that make up Twin Lakes Educational Cooperative (TLEC) will be providing the mandated special education programs and services during the current school year consisting of Clay County, the sponsoring district, and four neighboring school districts. These districts are:

U.S.D. 384 - Blue Valley
U.S.D. 378 - Riley
U.S.D. 334 - Glasco - Miltonvale
U.S.D. 223 - Barnes-Hanover - Linn

The purpose of this agency is to identify all students in the five districts who have special education needs and then to provide the necessary special education programs and services. All of these programs must meet all requirements and specifications that are mandated in federal and state statutes maintaining the parents' and students' basic rights at all times. [Read more...]

KSDE Special Education Services Kansas Special Education Process Handbook