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The schools that make up Twin Lakes Educational Cooperative (TLEC) will be providing the mandated special education programs and services during the current school year consisting of Clay County, the sponsoring district, and four neighboring school districts. These districts are:

U.S.D. 378 - Riley
U.S.D. 223 - Barnes-Hanover - Linn
U.S.D. 384 - Blue Valley
U.S.D. 334 - Glasco - Miltonvale

The purpose of this agency is to identify all students in the five districts who have special education needs and then to provide the necessary special education programs and services. All of these programs must meet all requirements and specifications that are mandated in federal and state statutes maintaining the parents' and students' basic rights at all timeshese rights include: non-discriminatory testing in the evaluation stage, confidentiality of all records and the assurance of special education programs in the least restrictive environment as defined in federal law.

Students must meet Kansas State Department of Education eligibility criteria and need special education services in order to receive such services. The program and services that will be provided if all staff positions can be filled are listed in Services.

The Kansas Special Education Policy Handbook states that "Each local education agency shall provide age-appropriate opportunities for the participation of disabled students with nondisabled students in nonacademic and other curricular services and activities to the maximum extent appropriate to the needs and interests of disabled students." Building administrators should be contacted for a detailed listing of all nonacademic and extracurricular services and activities available to all students.

The Twin Lakes Educational Cooperative's goal is to provide for educational opportunities, which will contribute to the development of each exceptional child in accordance with his or her disabilities and capabilities. If you would like more information about any of the services or think you have a child who may need such services or have any questions, please contact Anita Breen, Director of Special Education, 807 Dexter Street, P.O. Box 97, Clay Center, Kansas 67432 785-632-3176.

Other information is also available for educators and parents at the KSDE Special Education Services web page.