The 2019-20 passes do not include NCKL tournaments or play productions. All Sports Season Pass for Clay Center schools (CCCHS and CCCMS) are available at either school. For the District All Sports Season Pass (Wakefield and Clay Center schools) these are available at the Stuart Administrative Center.

CCCHS All Sports Season Pass
Family: $75.00
Individual Adult: $35.00
CCCHS & CCCMS; Family: $100

The center sections seats are $20 a seat.

The top 8 rows on the north & south are $15.

Bottom 3 rows on the north and south are $10.

WS All Sports Season Pass
Family: $100.00
Individual Adult: $35.00
Child: $25.00

CCCMS All Sports Season Pass
Family: $30.00
Individual Adult: $25.00
Student: $20.00
CCCMS & CCCHS Family: $100
immediate family, living in household

Individual Adult:

grade K - 8
(preK are free)

District All Sports Season Pass available, for a family, at the Board of Education building $150

The Board of Education of the Clay County Schools makes available to patrons of the district 65 years of age and older a GOLDEN AGE PASS, which has become very popular with the senior citizens of the district.

The GOLDEN AGE PASS provides an opportunity to attend, at no cost, all of the school activities provided by the district except where the seats are reserved for the "Stardusters" and "That's Entertainment" musical programs at CCCHS and any tournaments within the district sponsored by the Kansas State High School Activities Association.

Persons who have not previously applied for a GOLDEN AGE PASS should obtain an application at the Stuart Administrative Center at 807 Dexter Street in Clay Center. The card will be accepted for the lifetime of the holder. If a card is lost or misplaced, a replacement card will be issued at Stuart Administrative Center.

GOLDEN AGE PASS holders wishing information about reserved seating for CCCHS football should contact the high school office.

Employees and their spouse receive a pass for all district, regular-season sports. Your activity pass will also admit your children through high school age. However, your children 8th grade and younger must accompany you or your spouse through the gate in order to be admitted free.