It shall be the purpose of USD 379 to educate students to be life-long learners and to be upstanding and contributing members of their communities.


Students in General

1- To provide an atmosphere in which all students have the opportunity to develop into adults who are lifelong learners able to take advantage of post-school opportunities.


  • The district will provide students with access to a broad range of technology.
  • The district will provide students with access to a variety of educational opportunities.
  • The district will provide students with a safe and orderly environment in which to learn.
  • The district will ensure that all students be treated with respect and that all students are given the opportunity to have their needs met.

Student Achievement

2- To oversee an educational system that ensures all students achieve academically to the best of their ability.


  • The district will work to implement College and Career Readiness standards and promote high academic achievement for all students.
  • The district will annually collaborate on curriculum development to align with state standards.
  • The district will implement testing methods to clearly measure the effectiveness of the aligned curriculum in improving student achievement. Each building will strive to meet Annual Measureable Objectives. (AMO’s)
  • The district will continue to work towards improving high school graduation rates.
  • The district will address the varied learning styles of students and emphasize life-long learning skills.
  • The district will work with community businesses to develop opportunities for students’ on the job training.

Certified & Classified Staff

3- To provide a positive work environment in which staff will be successful and will enjoy helping students learn while being held accountable for high student achievement.


  • The board will foster high morale through good staff/board communications and by providing competitive wages and benefits.
  • The board will ensure that the staff is highly qualified, planning for recruitment as staff retirements occur.
  • The board will ensure that high quality, useful staff development opportunities are provided, including technology training.


4- To provide up-to-date well-maintained facilities, which provide students with a positive learning environment.


  • The board will have in place a long-term facilities improvement and maintenance plan.
  • The board will have in place a long-term transportation equipment maintenance and replacement plan.
  • The board will have in place a long-term technology improvement and replacement plan.
  • The board will maintain and improve facilities through it’s Capital Outlay Fund.

Fiscal Management

5- To have in place a fiscal management system that demonstrates accountability and reflects community input, and which fosters a high quality educational program.


  • The board will seek to educate and inform the community concerning budget issues, regarding finances available according to the current political climate.
  • The board will work toward developing budgets which provide high quality education with managed cost.
  • The board will hold administrators/department heads/managers to financial accountability.
  • The board will continually review student numbers in regards to staff and building space needs.


6- To provide an educational system that reflects the communities of Clay County.


  • The board will continually work toward improved community/school relationships.
  • The district will continue to offer a variety of technological means to communicate with parents and patrons.
  • The board will continue to explore ways in which to involve all citizens in the learning community.
  • The district will seek community/business input to help identify needed job skill training.