Setting up your Paycheck account for the first time. Go to  Employee Services Portal. Click on Enroll in the Employee Services Portal (circled in red). When entering your name, it must match how your name is on the paycheck. This is in the format of First Name MI Last Name. For example, your name would be Joe M Smith. Note: There is no period (.) after your initial.

To receive your W2 by printing instead of waiting for it to be mailed to you Go to Edit My Profile and check the box Receive Only Electronic W2.

Employers are required to provide this information to each injured worker by Kansas Law.

 KDOL Accident Report. This is filled out by the Supervisor. 

The Report by Eyewitness form(s) are to be completed and returned to the supervisor to process.

 The Report by Injured Employee form is to be completed and returned to the supervisor to process.

 The Information for Injured Employees paper is to be handed to the employee at the employers first opportunity.

Return all completed accident reporting forms to the Human Resources Department at the Board of Education building.

Kansas Department of Labor

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