Many parents are frequently concerned about when to keep children home or send them to school when they are ill. The following information is intended to help parents with this decision.

Quarantine Time—The length of time a student needs to be absent from school before returning, after being diagnosed with certain contagious diseases. These guidelines are set by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment and are used to determine when a student may return to class. If your child is ill, please call the school to report the illness.

Fever—Students should stay home with a temperature of 100 degrees or over. They may return to school when they have been fever free for 24 hours without the use of medication to lower the temperature. Students will be sent home from school if their temperature is 100 degrees and over.

Vomiting &/or Diarrhea—Students should stay home until they are free from symptoms for 24 hours. Students who vomit or have diarrhea at school will be sent home.

Strep throat/Scarlet fever/Scarletina—Each infected student should remain out of school 10 days if untreated or 24 hours following initiation of antibiotic therapy.

Cold/Coughing—Students should stay home until they are no longer coughing and sneezing


Whooping Cough-Infected students should remain out of school for 3 weeks if left untreated or for 5 days following antibiotic therapy.

Pinkeye—(bacterial conjunctivitis)—May return to school 24 hours after prescription eye drops have been taken and discharge from the eye has stopped.

Chicken Pox—May return to school on the 6th day after onset of the first lesion, or when all lesions are scabbed over and dry. Please report this diagnosis to the school.

Fifth Disease—Greatest period of communicability is before onset of rash. Not contagious after rash onset.

Impetigo—May return to school after treatment has started, open wounds must be covered.

Lice—May return to school after treatment has been initiated & no live lice are found.

Mumps-Infected students should remain out of school for 5 days from the onset of illness.

Measles-Infected students should remain out of school 4 days after the onset of rash.

Ringworm-May return to school immediately after beginning treatment with a fungicide.

Scabies-May return to school after treatment has been given. Clothing worn next to the skin and bedding should be laundered.