PowerSchool Alert System

SwiftReach SwiftK12 notification system will make it easier for us to keep in contact with your family and allows you, the end user, to set the preferences of communication. To guarantee the messaging system is used efficiently, we will need to confirm your contact information is accurate and up-to-date at all times.

SwiftReach SwiftK12 allows our school to send messages using email, voice, and text messaging. Voice calls will be sent with the school number as the caller ID number. District voice calls will be sent with 785-235-4005 (Washington, KS) as the caller ID number. You may want to add these phone numbers to your address book to help you recognize incoming calls from the school easily. Text messages will be sent using a caller ID of 95664. You may want to add this number to your contacts as well so that you can easily identify these as USD379 school texts. Please note you will not be able to reply to text messages sent from the school or district. Each school will have its own caller ID. This allows customers to replay the recorded message by calling that number if needed. If you have any questions please contact the school building your student goes to directly.

SwiftReach SwiftK12 is integrated with the existing PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you log-on to the Parent Portal you will now see a link called "SwiftReach SwiftK12 ".

To access the Parent Portal, with your PowerSchool login, you will be able to see all the contact information our school has listed for you. REMEMBER TO SAVE PREFERENCES when done.

By default, every message type and field will be selected for every category. You will receive messages to every contact field shown and every message category. Please update your information when needed.

This is an automated service, when entering phone numbers please uncheck work phone numbers that you do not directly answer from receiving notifications. Set the preferences for each contact number or email on your account.

Each message offers an opt-out link. Be aware this opts you out of all notifications: emergency, attendance, and school cancellations. If you want the phone number to receive emergency notifications while not receiving additional phone calls we suggest leaving the number but marking the preferences as needed.

Single Sign On

Parents can use one login to access all of their children’s grades and attendance. You will need to create a new parent/guardian username and password to access PowerSchool, even if you only have one student. Your login will allow you to see all your K – 12th grade children in the district.  After setting this up once you will be able to login with your account credential without going through this setup again. Below are instructions or call your school they can set you up with all your students on your account.

If you have more then one student, you will see tabs to switch between your students’ information.

If you lose your PowerSchool Parent Portal username or password, go to the Parent Portal login page and click “Forgot your username or password?” The Recover Account Sign-In Information Page will appear and you will be able to obtain your login information.

mLearning Guides are available for the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals
mLearning guides are digital books with interactive modules available as a free download through the iBooks bookstore.
The mLearning Guide titled PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals is available free. There is a short video available via YouTube on using the Parent and Student Portals.
PowerSchool is a reactive website. An app is no longer required. Simply use the browser of your choice.
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