Printing Secure allows a user to send jobs to the copier but to not print until you are actually at the copier.

Usually, Presets are created and saved using Word. However, the newest updates, when printing from a pdf and even Safari (both Apple applications) you will need different presets. So if you already have presets made using Word you will need to re-create Preview or PDF print Presets. If you are starting off new, you should just make the Presets in Preview, they will successfully print job no matter what application you use.

To start with, the copier defaults to double-sided printing.you'll notice you can have lots of Presets depending on what jobs you use. Hole punch (hp), Staple (stpl) double-sided (DBL) single-sided (SGL). However you want to name the preset is fine, just try to keep it as short as possible.

First, one time only, you need to go to your System Preferences>Printers & Scanners>Choose the Printer>Options & Supplies>Utiltiy>Open Printer Utility

printer utility

On the User Information tab type in a PIN. Make sure you remember this PIN. It can be as simple as 1, Just the numbers you want to use to Print your document when you go to the copier. NOTE: You have to do this for each copier you will use. REMEMBER TO SAVE SETTINGS

user information

Now open a PDF using Preview not Adobe, it's easier,  bring up the Print menu. Click on the drop-down of Feature Sets choose Finishing to choose: 1-sided Printing or 2-sided Printing, If you want to Staple and if you want Hole Punch.

printer features

Click the drop-down to choose Special Features to choose Secured Print

special features

Under Presets choose Save Current Settings as Preset... As you can see there are many Presets that you can make. Make sure to choose All Printers. Names are alphabetical so try to have a system of how to name them that keeps them organized together by type of print job.

saved presets

save to all printers

Before you may have used Word to create your Presets the set up is similar. You don't need to go to the System Preference Utility to set a Pin. This can just be typed in when you print. These still work you just have to make sure you don't use these presets when using Browser's or PDF's.

finishing settings

special features settings

You may want to specify that is preset for Preview or Word in the name if you maintain both presets. Or just replace all your Presets from the PDF build. Those work both ways.

Print your document. If you used a PDF to create, it'll assume your Utility Pin # you set and Print.  If you used Word, you can set it at the time of the Print. A best practice is to always use the same Pin so you don't forget what it was. You will also type in a Document name. This is important for if there are lots of documents listed, you know which one you are accessing.

Print window

Now at the copier.

Tap on the Lock Print icon

copier locked print

Tap on your document, or documents all at once. Tap on Start Printing, the blue icon.

choose documents

Use the keypad to press your Pin #, press OK