Clay County Unified School District No. 379 is a public school district serving the people of Clay County, Kansas, and surrounding area. It is the mission of the district to assure the opportunity for a student to develop to the highest possible level of success in enabling each person to become a coping, productive, and contributing member of our society. this mission is to be the focus of elected board members, the administration, the instructional staff, and the support staff of our district.

Highways and access to larger metropolitan areas and recreational areas play a key role in the economic vitality of a community. Clay County is blessed with many of these assets. Two major highways run through Clay County. These are key arteries that can serve to maintain and stimulate new business opportunities for travelers and transportation.

Clay County is close in proximity to several key attractions. The county is less than an hour drive from Kansas State University, which is a key asset. Not only does Manhattan provide employment opportunities for those who live in Clay County, but it also provides entertainment and educational opportunities. With the national rise in football and basketball programs, Clay County has the ability to offer a small town atmosphere close to a nationally known college sports town. Additionally, K-State offers important educational opportunities to the residents of Clay County through on-campus or outreach programs. Manhattan and the surrounding area is excited about future growth being introduced with hosting the National Biological Agra-Defense Security NBAF program currently being constructed. Clay County is also within driving distance to Junction City and Fort Riley, which has provided an economic boost to the area and has helped provide an increase in enrollment for the district. Both of these cities provide additional employment opportunities to Clay County residents. Milford Lake and Tuttle Creek Reservoir provide outstanding fishing and recreational opportunities for Clay County to go along with excellent hunting for many species of game.