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1. The driver of any school bus shall be responsible for the order and conduct of the pupils transported.

2. The driver has the option to assign seats at their discretion.

3. The transportation director has the right to set bus stop locations based on safety and student population.

4. When crossing in front of a bus students must make eye contact and wait for the driver to motion them across the road before proceeding.

5. Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct is to be observed. Shouting, vulgar language or gestures are not permitted.

6. Riders must stay out of the driver’s seat and may not tamper with any operating equipment. 7. Students may not mark, cut or scratch any part of the bus. Vandalism cost will be paid by the person who is responsible. Students will not be able to ride the bus until payment is made.

8. Students may not exit from the emergency door unless directed to do so by the driver.

9. Eating and drinking food and beverages on the bus is determined at the discretion of the driver. NO GLASS CONTAINERS OR BOTTLES ARE PERMITTED.

10. Tobacco, drugs or alcohol in any form will not be permitted on the bus.

11. Animals, knives, matches, firearms including cap pistols, explosives, glass and other similar breakables, or any other items creating a safety hazard, are not permitted on the bus.

12. It is suggested that students not bring devices such as CD players, I-pods, hand-held game systems, etc. on the bus. USD _379__ does not accept responsibility if these items are lost, stolen or broken.

13. Adults are not permitted to board the bus without permission of the driver, school administration or law enforcement. .

14. Students who engage in conduct considered dangerous to the health and safety of themselves or to others will be subject to immediate emergency removal from the school bus pending a conference with his/her school administrator.

15. The sequence for discipline referrals does not “start over” at the start of the second semester and consequences for infractions are subject to administrator discretion.

16. No animals except service animals are allowed.

17. In inclimate weather please check the Power School/KCLY/Social Media for closures prior to contacting the school.

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