Project LEAD has been the after school program at Lincoln and Garfield since 2011. We meet every day after school from 3:35-5:35. Monday - Thursday students are provided with a snack, academic time, enrichment time, PE time, and social time, on Fridays we still have a snack but focus on team-building and whole group activities. To enroll your student and send to school with your student, or we can send a hard copy home for you. Once your paperwork is returned to school we need 24 hours to process paperwork and add your student to the program. However, we do offer a same day enrollment for students new to the district, and foster children.

You may enroll for just one day a week, for two days a week, three days, four or five days a week. We also offer the program on early release Fridays from dismissal - 5:35, and you may choose to enroll in ONLY early release Fridays or include those as part of your regular enrollment.

"Project LEAD-we want to be the place the kids want to be!"


We are excited about Year 2 of Project LEAD at Lincoln School. There are approximately 170 students who have participated in this program with 80-90 students attending each day! If you are interested in signing up for Session 3 of Project LEAD, please fill out the paper work and allow one week for processing before your child may begin in the program. Many of the clubs have filled up, so students may not get their first choices of clubs.

Lincoln Clubs for K - 3rd Grades Session 3 (Mar. 1 through May 23):
Mondays -Lego Club, Good Times at Camp Lincoln, American Girls, iPad Club, Super Heroes Club
Tuesdays - Puppet Theatre, Fancy Nancy, Crafts Galore, Football Fanatics, Newspaper Crew
Wednesdays - Cake Decorating, Jump Rope & Sidewalk Games, Around the World, iPad Club, Ready-Set-Go!
Thursdays - Art Club, Movie Lovers, B.L.A.S.T. (Being Leaders and Serving Together), Crafts Galore, Lego Club
Fridays - Lincoln Leaders Day - All students take part in special activities geared toward exposing the kids to new experiences with the community.

Garfield LEAD Clubs for Session 3 (Mar. 1 through May 23):
Mondays - Kids in the Kitchen, Hodge Podge Club, Time to Invent
Tuesdays - Treble Clef Choir, iPad Club, Chess & Board Games
Wednesdays - Art Club, Animal Lovers Club
Thursdays - Treble Clef Choir, FFA Club, Juggling & Yo-Yo's
Fridays - Garfield Leaders Day - All students take part in special activities geared toward exposing the kids to new experiences with the community.

Payments must be collected before the start of each month.


Contact Information:

Email Project LEAD Site Director/Program Director: projectlead@usd379.org

Project LEAD Cell Phone (only on from 3:30-5:30): Lincoln-785-630-0315

Edith Sorensen’s cell phone– Program Director: 785-307-2292 (call or text)


Edith Sorensen is the Site Director at Lincoln and also the Program Director this year she may be contacted by calling/voice mail/text/ at 785 632 0315 also please realize this phone will only be answered after 3:30 on school days.

Rayleen Dreher is the Site Director at Garfield and she may be reached through email at rayleendreher@usd379.org or by calling/texting the Garfield Project LEAD phone 630-0319 please remember that this phone is only turned on from 3:30-5:30.


Please realize that if you change your phone number/email/or want to change whom may pick up your child you must also communicate that new information directly to Edith Sorensen for Lincoln Students or Rayleen Dreher for Garfield Students

Pictures/videos/and various information may also be found by "liking" The Sorensen Scoop on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/TheSorensenScoop

Hours of Operation

Project LEAD will operate from 3:30 to 5:30p.m. on all days that Lincoln students have school. On 1:00 dismissal days Project LEAD will offer programming from 1:00 to 3:30 followed by regular programming from 3:30-5:30 to students signed up to attend that day of the week (usually Friday).

Payment for Project LEAD

The cost for each student is based on the number of days he/she signs up to attend. Specific days of attendance must be designated so we can plan on the students for tutoring and clubs. Charge for each day of the week that your child attends is $5.00 per month.

Example #1: If the student attends on Mondays and Wednesdays then the charge will be $10.00 per month ($5 x 2 days each week). If you would like to pay for the entire trimester then you will pay $30.00 and owe nothing until the next trimester that starts on December 1.

Example #2: If the student attends all days of Project LEAD the charge is $25.00 per month ($5 x 5 days each week). If you would like to pay for the entire trimester then you will pay $75.00 and owe nothing until the next trimester.

If paying on a monthly basis, payment is due before the first day of each month. Please include a note indicating your child’s name when making payments. We recommend that payments be made to the site director on duty during Project LEAD time when possible.

Discipline Policy

Parents must sign stating an understanding of the discipline policy and responsibilities. Students will be held to the same standards as they are during the school day. Students who do not follow our behavior policy will be given the following consequences:

1.Staff will give a verbal reminder/warning describing the behavior.

2. On the second offense, the student will be directed to the site director for a period of time.

3. If child does not comply, parental contact will be made and child will be suspended from the activity.

4. If child remains a disruption, the parent will be called to pick up the child. The parent will be given a written report and a warning of consequences/suspension for the child’s behavior.

5.A child may be suspended for up to two weeks or more from the program for repeated violations. The program director will be informed before a suspension is applied.

Sign Out Procedures

Students will begin dismissing at 5:20 p.m. out of the school’s gymnasium at Lincoln School and at the front doors of Garfield School. Parents/Guardians who are picking up their child are required to park in the parking lot to sign their child out. A late charge of $10 will be assessed after 5:45 and $10 every 15 minutes thereafter. If a parent wishes to pick up their child before 5:20, they must sign the student out with the club sponsor or teacher. Only designated adults may pick up students.

Inclement Weather Policy

1. If there is no school there is no Project LEAD.
2. If school is let out early due to weather, there is no Project LEAD.
3. If we go all day at school but inclement weather is approaching, we will cancel Project LEAD.
4. We will communicate with the middle and high schools. If they are canceling sports practices and activities due to weather, we will also cancel Project LEAD.

It will be announced on KCLY, School Reach, and your child will be given the opportunity to call you to make arrangements if necessary.

Parents need to make sure their School Reach information is up to date so if we cancel, you will know promptly.


Students are expected to attend Project LEAD on the days that they are signed up for. If your child is absent from school this information will be communicated to LEAD staff. If your child attends school but will not be attending Project LEAD for some reason on a day they are signed up for, please communicate this information to your child’s teacher. It would also be appreciated if you would also email projectlead@usd379.org or leave a message for the site director on duty at the school office if there is a change of plan on a certain evening.


Each day snacks will be provided to the students. This is normally a small treat provided by the Project Promise students. If your child has an allergy or a dietary need, please communicate this with Project LEAD staff. Parents may be asked to help provide a snack in some situations.

Project Promise has a very small budget to work with for providing snacks to the students. If you would like to donate supplies such as plastic bags, plastic spoons, cereal, pudding, or other needs, please contact Kristin Wright. We appreciate any help in this area as this is one area that is not fully grant funded.