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 Kansas Education Enrichment (KEEP) Program
Parents and guardians who earn 300% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines (for example, $90,000/year for a family of 4) may qualify to receive $1,000 per student to pay for a variety of educational goods and services, including: 

  • School supplies and various technology (each student may purchase one laptop or tablet)

  • Tutoring services

  • Clubs, camps, or after-school classes related to academic/school curriculum 

  • Language classes 

  • Instrument and vocal lessons, including instrument purchase or rental

  • Other non-credit classes


Tuition and School Fees are not eligible KEEP expenses.  

There is no cost to apply for or participate in the program, and parents and guardians can enroll all children ages 6 to 18 in their households. Children already enrolled in SNAP automatically qualify for the award, and foster children are exempt from the income limits.